Kelly Claman Company Inc.

Fashion in Canada.

Kelly Claman is a Canadian businesswoman, fashion expert and distributor of international designer collections.  With over ten years of experience in brand management, product development, styling, international business, and public relations, she has a unique, in-depth &  well-rounded view of the industry, and a firm understanding of the Canadian marketplace.

Having grown up in fashion showrooms, Kelly always knew her destiny was in the fashion world. A young Kelly would often be found flipping through the pages Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, admiring the work of Balenciaga and John Galliano while her peers were playing in the schoolyard. During her teen years, Kelly continued her exploration of the fashion world, as well as her interest in accounting and finance through placements; including a stage with one of Montreal's top accounting firms, where she acquired many of the invaluable skills she still relies on today.

Kelly then began working from the ground up at a Montreal-based apparel and footwear distribution firm. During this time, Kelly's passion for design as well as her entrepreneurial mindset, allowed her to increase sales exponentially, and helped position the firm as one of Canada's biggest distributorships at the time. Kelly went on to launch and represent several high-profile clothing and accessory brands in the Canadian market including Vince, Juicy Couture, and Ugg Australia, laying down the foundation for their businesses, which are currently still in place.

Today, a successful young entrepreneur and head of the KCC, Kelly strives to bring fashion to Canada from designers both established and up-and-coming. With a sharp eye for talent, Kelly personally chooses brands that offer luxe, distinctive designs. She maintains industry-wide relationships and regularly attends the shows.

Outside of the fashion industry, Kelly is an expert on the British Royal family, in particular on the history of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. She is a passionate mental health advocate and dog-lover living in Toronto's King West district with her goldendoodle and her tight-knit family.

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